Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The stuff written below was originally written on December 3, but since we did not have easy access to internet, I just have to write a word doc and then copy it to here when I can. The big news for us today is that we now have internet at home!!!

***It’s 3:15 am, I have a raging sore throat, and obviously I am not asleep.

The Anglo American Group of Provence had its 30th Annual English Christmas Carol Service today, and it was an amazing experience. ICCP has hosted it the last number of years, and our whole team was involved in many ways. I think it’s fair to say we actually do everything! It is incredible to think that before our team got so huge, there were just a handful of ICCP folks doing this each year. I can’t imagine how. I have the privilege to serve with some truly gifted people.

I hope to get some pictures up soon of the Service-Olivia had a duet in “Go Tell it on the Mountain” and Lexi sang in the children’s choir also. I sang in the adult Choir, and Teal was in charge of all the ushers. He got to wear a cool headset and looked very secret-service-ish! There were about 1200 people there, and we hear this is the largest one ever. It was really beautiful.

Well, I’m off to mop now. If you are a mop-a-phobe, do not move to this country. All the floors seem to be marble, tile and wood, and it is a constant battle to keep these suckers clean. I, personally, LOVE to mop. Not as much as I like to read, but I do love it. Weird, I know, but it’s coming in really handy here, because I get to do it every other day. Lots of sweeping too. And vacuuming. And dish washing. And laundry hanging. And walking. Hmmm…I’m straying a bit. But did you know Teal and I walk about 4 miles every day? Weekends it’s only 2. If we have errands it’s more, but we actually enjoy it most of the time. Except when it’s raining. Or cold. Or hot. Tee hee.

We have another busy week ahead of us-but lots of great stuff going on. Teal’s sister Heather and her husband Rich will be here for a few days this week, and Olivia’s birthday is on Friday. She gets to sing French Christmas carols on the Cour Mirabeau during the day Friday, and then she’s having a girlfriend spend the night Saturday. Should be lots of fun! Our container from the US is scheduled to arrive into port on the 11th and hopefully we’ll have it just a few days after that! Living almost 7 months out of suitcases has been really fun, but we are ready for a change.

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