Monday, December 18, 2006

Here are a few blurry pictures from our Thanksgiving dinner. We will be doing another dinner in mid January for the same people-3 of them have started coming to church (even though they don't believe in God) because they are excited to "belong" to a community! YAY!!! Pray for us as we continue to build relationships here.

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Rich said...

WOW! Who'd a thunk about church as a community? :-)
Way to go guys!

I actually discovered a mathmatical proof of "god" recently. It goes like this. If the Universe had not been created, then today would never happen. If the universe is infinitely old, how long would it take to get to "today"? Ans: forever which is not limited. Therefore the Universe is not infinitely old and must have been created by something. We call that something "God".