Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well, it's official...We have our VISAS!!!!! so we are legal for three more months, and within that time we have to go to Marseille and they will decide whether we can stay one year, two or five. We also have to have lung xrays to make sure we don't have tuberculosis. good times. Teal just returned from a quick dash to Texas to pickup the visas and he is now safely home. It is so nice to be back together as a family again! Lexi is at her first playdate with a French friend today, and she was very excited. The little girl's name is Emma and they are in school together. Emma is just precious and so sweet, and we are so excited to see this friendship blossom. The girls havebeen on their 2 week Fall break, which has been wonderful-the French school year is longer than ours in Austin, but there are many more breaks. I am really exhausted today, so I won't post much,but wanted to let everyone know the news on thelong awaited visa situation!


austinace said...

That's fabulous news. Can't wait to hear the update on how long they're going to allow you guys to park there for the long term.

Dave Panos

norma said...

Hi Olivia!!!!

It's me, Elise!! I miss you SOOO much! Sorry i haven't written to you in a letter. We were waiting until you have a home to live in. Please send me your address when you get in a house.

I love school so far. I'm in class with Peyton, Katerina, Belinda, and Shelby. We have Mrs. Campbell. Do you remember her?

I'll send you some photos of me soon so you don't forget me! :-)

That's all for now. We really like seeing your photos and reading about your life there in France. I wish i could come and visit. That would be COOL!!

Love you and miss you,