Friday, November 24, 2006

Blog update!

Okay…I posted a quick update earlier, but there is so much to tell! I failed my first two French tests miserably, but did improve significantly on the 2nd one! I have only left class in tears once, which is good. When we start on that 4th hour on Friday, I just start to lose it. The first 3 hours are okay, even on Friday, but man, I get to the point where my brain is just numb and I shut down totally. I think I am going to change my schedule next term to around 8 hours a week. Much more manageable.
So, ministry wise, things are pretty exciting around Aix. We did an outreach a few weeks ago to the homeless. Our team, and a number of others, fasted for a day, then went and took lunches all over town. We got the kids involved, and they were awesome. Our girls got up early and assembled large baggies with various food items and drinks in them, then we all bundled up and took our grocery trolley loaded up to hand out food. The girls fasted until dinner, which was amazing, but they were really into the whole thing! The response we got was really good, and we can’t wait until we can speak more French and really talk to people.
Another outreach that we are doing is a Thanksgiving dinner. We are having 14 people over on Friday night (most of them French) and we will share our holiday meal and some of our traditions with them. We are really looking forward to this, as there are a number of people we think we could have long term relationships with! We are partnering with another couple on our team, Adam and Tasha Hoover, so it’s not nearly as overwhelming as I had thought it would be!
We also have the Christmas Carol concert on December 3. It’s at the big cathedral in town, and about 1000 people come each year. I am singing in the choir, and the girls are singing in the children’s choir. Teal is in charge of all the ushers.
One last thing before I sign off for the day. Olivia aced her spelling test!!! Best grade in the class-she whooped the French kids, too. I know, pride is a sin, but it is such a victory for her!!! We are so thrilled that now, in addition to math, she is doing well in spelling. They are both understanding a lot more, and the speech is coming little by little. It’s only been 3 months, so they are doing really well.

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