Monday, October 02, 2006

I have a few minutes at the office today, so I wanted to get caught up on what is happening in Aix! My parents have been here all week, and it has been a good visit. They went on a 3 week cruise/trip to Berlin and Prague, and added this stop to see us. It is so great to be able to show them where we are living and have them meet our team here! I know it has helped ease their concerns over how we are doing! We had a fun dinner with Darrin and Julie, and they were able to come to church and hear Darrin (and Teal leading worship!). The girls were were excited to get to miss a few days of school to hang out with Mimi and Paw Paw, but they will be ready to go back tomorrow, I think! Teal and I are off to get our schedules in just a bit, and we start calss in the morning. I am so nervous!!!!!
I leave on Saturday for TWO WEEKS in Holland for some training, and I am having very mixed feelings about it. I am excited because the people that are going are amazing, and I always gain so much from these teaching/training times, but I will miss my family horribly. I will work this week on getting all the girls clothes laid out and food organized. I also don't like the thought of missing 2 weeks of school right at the beginning, either. The timing on this trip is really not great for us as a family, but we really had no choice. Please pray for all of us during this time!
Also, we need massive prayer for our visa situation. I am trying not to be anxious about anything, but to take my requests to the Lord.
Each week we find more to love about France. I want to post a list soon. One thing that is so exciting is on Sunday evening at church, we leave the doors open, and people stop to listen to the music, and then they want to come in and see what's going on! I know the power of music as a ministry tool-it was Phillip Sandifer that drew me in and gave me a glimpse of God's amazing love for me-so it's really neat to see music reaching people on the streets!

more later, as I'll be in the office again this week.

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