Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Today was moving day! We spent the day helping the Joneses move the last of their things out of the apartment, and we moved into a friends guest house for the next month. God is providing great housing for us temporarily, so at least we don't have to worry as we look for a place. Please continue to pray that we will hear very soon that we can come pick our visas up!!! Our God is the God of detail, and I have to leave this in his hands. The place we are in now is quite comfy-2 bedrooms and a bath, small kitchen and a washing machine. and internet. whenever we want.
We are feeling more and more like the 2 bedroom apt is a good choice for us. we looked at a 3 bedroom yesterday with a beautiful view of the train tracks and grafitti, and it was more expensive than the 2 bed. The 2 bed is in a much nicer neighborhood, but not as close to town (our church and language school are right in the center of town). It is, however a 10 minute walk to the girl's new school. We'll see what God has planned!!
Now for the biggest news of the day...LEXI LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!!!!! she has another loose one right next to it. Olivia lost all her teeth in pairs, so it doesn't surprise me. In France there is no tooth fairy, they have a little mouse that comes in the night. I went into the little grocery store on the way home and started chatting with the cashier and had a great conversation. She had been an exchange student in Olympia, WA in 1983 and had very good memories of the US. Lexi showed her the lost tooth and she asked if we had a little mouse in America, and we said No, we have a tooth fairy. we told her the tooth fairy had wings and a sparkly wand and the gal clapped her hands and said "ooooh, I love that!!!"
I'll put a photo of Lexi up as soon as I download them. Good night!

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SydneyLindaHammer said...

Hey guys,
Tell Lexi "congratulations!"
Sydney has a very loose tooth (her 1st also) and she has been in pain when trying to eat. It just isn't ready yet. We continue to pray for your Visas, but figure God must be up to something since it is taking awhile. We love you guys and miss you bunches!!!!