Friday, August 18, 2006

So laundry in France is quite an experience. I was excited to learn the guest house we are staying at had a washing machine-ahhh...clean clothes whenever we want. Not quite my friends, not quite. The washer (as fabulous as it is) holds a very small amount of clothes, and takes 90-110 minutes to wash them. They do get really, really clean, which is great. For those of you who know Lexi, you'll know this is grand, indeed.
After said clothes are washed, the real fun begins. Hanging them out to dry. Wow. I get all the little dryer rack things spread out on the patio, get my basket of clothespins and start a hangin'. If it's a beautiful day, you've got it made in the shade-but those days have been rare. We had one, and I put the clothes out. 4 hours later I came back to discover that not only were they not dry, but that my downstairs neighbor must have been smoking all day, because my really clean, still damp clothes now smelled like SMOKE!!! So the process begins again.
The next day I go through the same thing-wash-hang stuff out-not quite dry-2 hours later-bird poop on shirts.
Next day, same song, different verse. this time it's very windy and everything blows off into the dirt.
So now we've been here 4 days and I finally finished one very small load. Now I'm off to iron it, because it's crispy. Oh the joys of life in France!

On another note, we looked at more apartments, and learned that if we become really really rich, we could have a really cool place! Seriously, we are seeing some great stuff and feeling encouraged, and know the Lord is preparing a place for us in His own time. We continue meeting really neat people and are beginning to build relationships with shop people, estate agents and other expats. Olivia stayed up late the other night and got to talk to Elise and Gabrielle on their first day of school, and that was really good for her. Lexi chimed in too with news of her tooth. Lex is wanting to call a friend, too, so hopefully on Saturday, we'll do that with her.
It has been a good few days here (other than the laundry!), and we are excited to see what the Lord has is store for us.

"You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand." Psalms 16:11


JulesLe said...
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JulesLe said...

Hey girlfriend! So glad to have found you again. I did a search and found your name on the Crock Shoes comments... so I knew you were not a figment of my imagination. Looking forward to seeing God work there!! - Julie