Monday, August 28, 2006

I registered the girls for school, and let me tell you-I could have cried when we left I was so happy. The principal is a British guy-maybe 50ish-and so nice and gentle-and he's a volunteer. France has only 20 protestant schools who are truly teaching in the faith. they recieve no government funding, and rely on parents paying as much as they can for tuition. many of the teachers at our school have additional jobs because their salaries are so small. We feel so blessed to be at a school where they feel so passionate about teaching the Word.

We had another gathering last night at the Jonses, and got to meet some more people who are in the core community of ICCP. We talked about discipleship and what it looks like to each of us, and how at ICCP we can be missional disciplers in our community. It was very interesting.

We are off now to a banking workshop to try and learn how to get a bank account here-I understand it can be quite difficult.

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